100% Savings at Kroger!

I’ll be the first to tell you that couponing is not always immediately satisfying.  It takes a long time to build up your coupon stash, it can take even longer to figure out each individual store’s coupon policy (and then when you finally have figured it out they change it on you), and sometimes there just aren’t a lot of great deals to be had.

But persevere, my friends, because it IS rewarding — it just takes some time and patience!

Today I was able to save 100% on my Kroger bill.  I had to pay $0.28 sales tax out of pocket, and that was it.  I bought five items and had five FREE coupons to use.  So where did those coupons come from?

The mail (and one from a friend, who got it in the mail).  Those by-mail offers can take awhile to come in, I know, but it’s awesome when you check the mailbox and they’re sitting in there waiting for you!

Back when I first started the Facebook page, I posted about a Kroger “Free Diaper Bag” offer.  This was pre-blog, so it had to be back in February, maybe even January.  The diaper bag finally came the other day, and while it really is a super nice bag that I’ll put to very good use, the real bonus was the coupons that were included.  A whole booklet of them, including one for FREE puff cereal bites, a FREE package of wipes, and a FREE box of diapers!  Whoa!  I knew it came with coupons, but I was not expecting them to be that epic.  That was nearly $20 in savings right there!

I also had a coupon for FREE Coffee-Mate from the “Free Flavor Friday” Facebook giveaway that they had a couple of weeks ago.  It, too, was a pleasant surprise, as I expected it to be for one of the smaller bottles but it was actually for any bottle up to $3.99, which meant I could get a large one!  We host a Friday night Bible study at our house and always have coffee on hand, so I love a good creamer deal.

Finally, a friend had given me a coupon good for a dozen FREE Kroger eggs because she received it in the mail, and since she raises chickens the last thing she needs is more eggs!  She passed the coupon on to me so that it wouldn’t go to waste.  It’s a great practice that is very rewarding, to “pay it forward” when you have a great coupon that you know you won’t use but have a friend who will.  You ever see random coupons lying around next to products at the grocery store and wonder where they came from?  That’s someone being a “coupon fairy” and sharing the wealth.

The days of 100% savings are few and far between in the real world (and frankly, unrealistic if you do all your shopping together… I did my usual weekly grocery shopping on Monday, and that was $50), but when they do come, they put a little skip in your step.

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  1. Woo hoo Cayla! So many people ask me why I “bother” to coupon; the answer is….because I save money!

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