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FREE Celebrate Urban Birds Kit

Check out how you can get a completely FREE “Celebrate Urban Birds” kit from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (note that they do suggest making a donation if you are able in order to help keep the program going, but this is not required if you are unable to):

Here is all you need to participate in Celebrate Urban Birds! Please feel free to download, copy, and share our materials with others!

Signing up will only take a few minutes and it is completely free.

You’ll be asked to set up an account to enter data (in any of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology citizen science projects). After you create an account as a Citizen Scientist, you will have to log in and select Celebrate Urban Birds to finish your registration with us and order free materials.

Please register (for free).  We would like as many people as possible to participate in Celebrate Urban Birds and use the project resources.  The 10-minute bird observation is at the heart of the project and the kit materials support that 10-minute citizen science observation, but there are lots of other materials and resources on the web site. 

During the sign-up process you will be asked whether you’d like us to send you a kit or whether you prefer to download the materials from the web site. 

All the paper materials in the kit are listed below…just click on the links and you can download and print out the .pdf documents. 

During the sign up process you will be asked whether you are signing up as an individual or organization.  An individual can ask for one kit.  An organization can ask for more than one kit.  One kit can support a whole classroom or group that wants to do the Celebrate Urban Bird observation.  For more information about how to do the observation please click here.

If you have registered and received a kit before and would like another kit, you don’t have to re-register.  Just send us a quick email to  urbanbirds@cornell.edu with the subject line
” I’m already in your data base but I’d like another kit because…”


Here’s what is in the kit:

The Celebrate Urban Birds Poster, by Katie Yamasaki

Yamasaki poster


The poster features city birds in a whimsical urban setting with lots of practical information on the back about ways to create a bird-friendly green space in your neighborhood, threats to birds in cities, and how to attract birds.

The Silhouette Poster with cool facts, by Susan Spear



Learn to identify birds by looking at their shapes, This poster includes information (cool facts) about the 16 species we are tracking.


The Celebrate Urban Birds! data form.

Katherine's Peregrine
Peregrine Falcon by
Katherine Smith

Please take this data form out with you when you watch birds. Please enter your data online if possible or send us the form by mail!

Canada participants please download Data Form here.

Send us your data — even if you saw none of the target birds!

“Zero means a lot”


To understand how green spaces affect birds, we must know where birds are, as well as where they aren’t.

Imagine if everyone participating in the Celebration sent in their data… People of all ages and birdwatching abilities working together … this could be the largest urban bird monitoring effort ever!

The Celebrate Urban Birds! Welcome Letter

This welcome letter has a wonderful bird identification guide on the back. Take this beautiful guide with you when you go out to watch birds!


Zero Means a LotZero Means a Lot sticker

To highlight how important it is for participants to submit observations even when NO BIRDS are seen, we’ve created wonderful, colorful stickers. Each sticker is different! It is essential that participants let us know where the birds are seen as well as where they are NOT seen. You can wear these beautiful stickers or share them with others. Stickers are included in your kit. If you are downloading materials and would like a sticker (or a sheet of stickers) simply let us know by emailing urbanbirds@cornell.edu.

Seed Packet

A packet of native sunflower seeds so you can plant them to provide food for birds.  Yes, birds eat seeds from flowers and weeds, so plant these seeds, grow the sunflowers, leave the blossoms on your sunflowers, let them mature and dry/  The flower petals will fall off, but the treasure is still there…the seeds.  The birds will come and find your flowers and eat the seeds right out of that flower.

We offer the  Celebrate Urban Bird kits for free so that everyone can participate. PLEASE MAKE A DONATION, if you can, so we can cover material printing and mailing costs.

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