Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal, 50% Off at Lifeway + The Story for $5.00

Through April 14th, you can pick up a copy of Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal at Lifeway for just $7.49 (50% off) with this coupon.  This book has a 5-star rating on Amazon and sounds like a pretty amazing story:

“Wednesdays were pretty normal,” writes Michael Kelley, looking for a bright spot amidst the chemotherapy routine brought on by his two-year-old son Joshua’s cancer diagnosis. His book of the same name offers much to anyone who’s tired of prescriptive spirituality and would rather acknowledge and work through the difficulties of faith with some transparency.

Joshua battled and beat the disease, but not before his family had to reconcile what it means to believe in God despite a broken world. His dad’s personal account of that fight to survive sparks a larger discussion of how Christians must learn to walk in the light of Christ’s promises despite the dark shadows of earthly pain. Indeed, it’s pain that sometimes opens the door to a deeper experience with Jesus, an authentic relationship that holds steady even when life loses the comfort of normalcy.

While you’re there, you can also pick up a copy of The Story, a narrative retelling of the Bible, for $5 (reg $19.99).  I believe this is an in-store price only.  This isn’t something you’d use for Bible study, of course, but it sounds like a refreshing read, and perhaps a good book to pass along to someone who isn’t familiar with God’s pursuit of his people:

At the heart of the Bible is the story of God’s pursuit of a relationship with humanity. The Story reveals the narrative of that pursuit using selected portions of the NIV text, making the Bible’s stories come together in 31 accessible chapters that read like a novel. As readers come to know the story of Scripture more clearly, they’ll be prodded to explore the Scriptures even more deeply.

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