Tomorrow: $10 Starbucks Gift Card for $5! (Sign up TODAY)

Sign up TODAY with Google Offers, and tomorrow you should receive an e-mail with a link to purchase a $10 Starbucks gift card for just $5! Part of the proceeds will also be donated to the Opportunity Finance Network, so you’ll be supporting a good cause, too.

Attention, coffee lovers: Google Offers to run $5 for $10 Starbucks deal tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, Google Offers is running its first deal with Starbucks. For $5 you’ll get a $10 Starbucks Card eGift, good at all participating Starbucks locations nationwide. This deal is only available to Google Offers subscribers.

The Starbucks Google Offer includes a contribution to a good cause. For every deal purchased, Google Offers will donate $3 to the Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) for the Create Jobs for USA Fund (up to $3 million). Founded by Starbucks and OFN, the Create Jobs for USA Fund helps provide loans to community businesses in order to create and sustain jobs in America. So, when you buy this Google Offer, you’re also taking action to help Americans get back to work.

Sound like a great Wednesday pick-me-up? We think so! Get your caffeine fix, save a little cash and help support small businesses, all with a few clicks.

Sign up for Google Offers and we’ll send this offer straight to your inbox. And for those of you already subscribed to Google Offers, stay tuned to your email for details and the chance to purchase the deal tomorrow.

Thanks, Hip2Save!

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