Credit Sesame: FREE Credit Score (No CC Required, Not a Trial)

If you want to monitor your credit score but are sick and tired of those scammy “free trial” offers, check out Credit Sesame.  They don’t require a credit card to sign up, and you get a FREE credit score from Experian that you can monitor monthly.

Note that your credit score is different than your credit report (which itemizes your debts).  To receive a FREE credit report, visit  You can receive a report from each of the three credit bureaus once every twelve months.  To make the most of this, just request from one company at a time, then go back in four months and request a different one, then in another four months request the third one.  Four months after that, you can request a report from the original company again since twelve months will have passed.  Clear as mud?  😉

Thanks, Frugal Fabulous Finds!


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