Old Navy Snap Appy: Win FREE Old Navy Items!

***Repost and Update: It appears they were having issues with the iPhone platform a few days ago, but the problem should now be fixed!  If you were having trouble, try again.  🙂  Also, I was able to regain my SNAP TEN prize that expired so quickly (see end of post), so I’m a happy goose!***

This little app has been around since last November, and I posted about it on the Facebook page, but I want to post about it again now that we’re in blog form.

If you have either a Droid or an iPhone, download Old Navy’s FREE “Snap Appy” app and you can win FREE stuff from Old Navy!

Snap any Old Navy logo to get deals, games, styles, and other surprises!

Here’s another reason to love Old Navy: the logo is full of magic. To unlock it, all you need is Old Navy Snap Appy.

Snap Appy lets you snap any Old Navy logo with your camera to unlock deals, games, and other amazing surprises.

SNAP: Snap the Old Navy logo anywhere (or other specific icons too!) to get instant surprises. It’s the world’s first magic logo!

SURPRISES: Get something cool like a game, a deal, or something to make you smile every time you snap. The surprises are changing all the time.

STYLES: See the latest Old Navy looks and how people are rocking them. You can even snap your own styles and share them with the world on Facebook, right through the app.

SHOP: Wherever you are, you can find a store or browse and buy the latest Old Navy looks for the whole family.

I’ve won multiple coupons using this app, including $5 off any purchase and $10 off any purchase!  Other people have won FREE boots and FREE jeans – wow!  I have the app on my Droid and it works great, although it lands on Fabcabulary far too much for my liking.  😉  My sister-in-law has an iPhone, and it was not working for her yesterday — it kept force closing, even after un- and re-installing, so if you have an iPhone you might have some trouble with it.

I’m a bit miffed with the app right now, because on Sunday I won another SNAP TEN ($10 off any purchase coupon)… and the next day it was already expired!  I’m not sure if that was some sort of fluke, or if new surprises always expire at the end of the week, or what, but I was so bummed that I didn’t get to use it.  The lesson learned: always check the expiration date on your Surprises!


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