How Does the Kroger 10 Item Mega Event Work?

Since the next two weeks will be Mega weeks at Kroger, I thought it was a good time to re-post this from the Facebook page.

From time to time, Kroger runs what they call “Mega Event” sales.  They have a list of items that are included in the sale (they usually have a sign by the entrance that has has a little brochure holder with the list in it), and you will see special price tags on the shelf indicating that an item is participating.  The brochures look similar to this and include items that are NOT advertised in the weekly circular:


These sales usually run for two weeks, so if you miss out on a deal the first week, you’ll get another shot at it.

Here’s how it works: buy any 10 participating items (mix or match – you don’t have to buy 10 of the same thing) that are included in the 10 Item Mega Event and you will automatically receive $5.00 off at checkout ($0.50 off each item). If you buy another 10 participating items, you will get another $5.00 off. The most I’ve done in one transaction was four (40 mega items).

It is extremely important that you buy in multiples of 10 (10, 20, 30), and it is extremely important that ALL 10 items are participating items in the mega event.  You can’t buy 9 mega items and 1 regular item and get the mega price — you must have 10 participating mega items. Nor can you buy 11 mega items and get $5.50 off — you will get the $0.50 discount on 10 of the items and the 11th one will be full price.

My advice is to keep your mega items separate from your regular items.  Some people put the smaller shopping baskets in their carts to help them keep track and make sure they have 10.  I just put mega items on one end of the cart and regular items on the other.  Do what works for you.

In addition to receiving the $5.00 at checkout, you can also use coupons, which is how you can get really good deals.

The lowest price listed on the tag IS the mega price – it is the price you pay after the mega discount is taken.  Don’t expect ANOTHER $0.50 off the lowest price listed.  This is what a mega tag looks like:


So in that example, $0.42 is the mega price on the Rotel.  It’s the price you get when and only when you buy 10 participating items.  Again, YOU WILL NOT GET ANOTHER $0.50 OFF AT CHECKOUT (this is a mistake lots of people make when they first start shopping Mega Events!).  If you have a coupon for Rotel, however, you can use it and get it even cheaper than the mega price.

Occasionally they will run smaller mega events, such as “Buy 5 participating items, get $3 off at checkout.”  The same general rules apply — just change out the quantity for the # they require you to buy to get the discount (in the example I just gave, you would only need to buy 5 participating items).

I hope that helps!

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